ICANN is planning ot add a few new top-level domains to supplement .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, .mil and the newly-created domains that no one wants.
I don’t necessarily agree with Bob Frankston that domain names per se are the problem, but it seems to me that we’re all poorly served by the current system.
Why not introduce a thousand new top-level domains, or ten thousand? From the perspective of Verisign/Network Solutions and the competitive registrars, it’s not desireable because it eliminates the current artifical scarcity that makes dot-com domains saleable (if not as valuable as they were in 1999).
But the market is meaningless. People are getting hurt because of the pretend-authority of a dot-com address.
When I bought mediasavvy.com, the incumbent speculator was asking $1500 for it. He settled for $175, including five years’ registration. I’m currently trying to buy a domain that has expired a week ago, but the registrar still hasn’t released it.
The current system is corrupt and corrupting. Domains should be cheap as dirt and easy to get.