I’m spending time every day deleting spam from MediaSavvy. The worst part is having to rebuild the entire site every time I delete a single spam. Perhaps I need to switch to a dynamic CMS like Expression Engine, so that I don’t have to do this.

Meanwhile, my email spam filter managed to move a couple of important messages into my spam folder. I don’t blame SpamSieve, which I love. I blame the spammers for making this whole process necessary.

Finally, I get a dozen spam faxes for every fax I want. This has been going on ever since I used my fax to send a message to efax.com. You can’t tell me they didn’t sell my number to the spammers.

Detecting spam has become an entire industry.

Technology is insufficient and the law is insufficient. You need both to solve this mess. What really galls me is that the direct marketing industry has fought every step to help solve the problem and given us a law that is completely inadequate to the task. Apparently, they can’t tell the difference between what they do and what the spammers are doing. If they can’t, how are we supposed to?

[This note was rewritten. The original post was eaten by a Safari bug exacerbated by the way Movable Type posts messages.]