The folks who publish pMachine, an excellent inexpensive ($45 noncommercial) content management system, has announced a new cms called Expression Engine. When I predicted in December that blog packages would begin to evolve into cheap and powerful CMS’s, I didn’t think it would start to come true so soon.

It seems to take the functionality that makes pMachine special and takes it to the next level, with a completely rewritten backend.

After spending six months creating a site with pMachine, I’m very happy with it (flexible, powerful, easy to use). It has made it possible for me to build a user-written community site without resorting to a system that required me to own a server or learn perl (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Expression Engine appears to take the lessons Rick Ellis learned by creating and supporting pMachine and puts them together in a product that is powerful and more extensible.

I haven’t used it yet, because I’m too far into my pMachine project, but if I were looking for a low-end CMS, I would include pMachine on my must-review list.