I've switched to Moveable Type

For the second edition of my “beta blog”, I’ve switched to Moveable Type. I also plan to intensify my posting schedule and focus more tightly on Internet media.
I’ve been using Radio Userland for six months. It’s OK, but I was ready for something else. Radio is fragile, and broke several time. While I was able to get it back with the quick intervention of Lawrence Lee of Userland, I have no idea why it broke in the first place. It was awkward and scary to move my site data from the Applications folder to the Documents folder, where it belongs. I was continually confused by duality of managing my site in both an application and in a web page. I didn’t need Radio’s server farm and didn’t want to depend on software that had an annual fee. Radio uses its own web server on my Mac, which seems a little pointless on a computer that ships with Apache under the hood. This week, I was unable to publish for a day or so. Eventually, it worked, but I have no idea why. That’s when I decided to try MT.
So far, I love Moveable Type. It’s a lot easier to install than it appears from reading the documents. But you do need access to and comfort with the Unix command line. I can now maintain multiple blogs with multiple authors. I can now update my blog from any computer on the net.
I’m a lot happier. But MT isn’t my ideal content management system. More on that later.

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