A Mickey Mouse plan to sell wireless content

Disney wants to sell subscription services to AT&T mobile customers. According to Reuters:

“Disney’s Magic Kingdom” will offer color graphics and games, “Disney’s Fun for Families” will parenting tips and entertainment services from Disney TV shows, and “City Lounge” will offer movie reviews and showtimes, among other features. Each will cost $3.99 per month.
Disney’s ESPN sports network will also offer its own mMode product, “myESPN,” on AT&T Wireless. The $2.99 per month service will offer live player statistics, team news, injury reports and scoring data for athletic events.

Disney said Sprint customers can download ring tones and screen savers, among others, for $1 to $2 each and games for $3 to $4 per game.

That last plan might make some sense. eMarketer says “mCommerce” in the early-adopter Asian market is a decent-sized business, but more than two-thirds of Japanese “mCommerce” is for ringtones and other phone enhancements.
The other Disney offerings (games, parenting tips, movie reviews, and sports stats) look like a classic case of selling what you have, instead of what consumers want. According to the eMarketer report, consumers probably want reservations for entertainment and travel. But that would require a much bigger investment.
Dopey and Goofy were unavailable for comment.