Online advertising to increase 10% in 2003, especially ads that suck

Jupiter says online advertising will be up 10% next year. They’re especially enthusiastic about online classifieds, which they peg at about a billion dollars. They’re not optimistic about prospects for increasing CPM’s anytime soon.
UPDATE [10/26]: Emarketer has an excellent roundup of Internet advertising numbers, with a positive forecast for the fourth quarter.
That is, of course, unless AOL restates their earnings again and wipes out the increase all by themselves.
Elsewhere, Jupiter is predicting that rich media will be about a quarter of online advertising in five years. I still don’t understand where this groundswell of interest in rich media is coming from. Eyeblaster’s PR team is earning their money, because I’m seeing their name on a lot of these stories. This idea has been around since the dawn of Flash. This trend could be bad for Macromedia, as more people discover that Flash is now used almost exclusively for ads and should treated like any other virus.