Seeing the future at the Open Source Content Management Conference

The Open Source Content Management Conference was excitig in a low-key, super-geeky sort of way. Although a lot of it was beyond my technical skills, I could begin to see the future taking shape. It was also interesting to see two open source wysiwyg XML editors, but no CSS editors.
There’s a great interview with EuroZope Foundation founder Paul Everitt and CMS guru Gregor Rothfuss on ZDNet Australia and additional daily coverage (Intro, Day1, Day 2) on Content Wire.
As the computer industry moves in the direction of selling services, instead of hardware and software, open source begins to look like a great way to improve the value you deliver to customers. Meanwhile the Web has created a tremendous demand for quality content management among the geeks themselves, who can’t afford to buy software, but can contribute to its development.