SprintPCS gets pricing right, fumbles customer service

Well, I’m ready to buy, so I tried to get some information about the Sprint PCS Vision deal. Wow, what a mess.
As far as I can tell, the offer is not listed on their Web site. Nor is the phone number for customer service.
When you call Sprint, the recording tells you that “because of their new promotions” the wait time will be longer than expected. Has that message been changed since 1998?
The good news is that the offer is real. The bad news is that you have to buy a PCS Vision phone in addition to the PC Card modem. That adds about $250 to the price of admission and is another example of short-sighted bundling by the mobile carriers.
I asked the salesperson if any of the Sprint PCS Vision PC card modems work with a Macintosh. He couldn’t answer that question, so he said he’d connect me with someone who could. That turned out to be “Clair”, Sprint’s lame voice-response tech support computer. Once Clair established that she had no idea what I was talking about, “she” forwarded me to another salesperson who couldn’t answer my question and couldn’t find anyone who could answer it. He finally suggested I go to my local Radio Shack and ask them.
No wonder Sprint PCS is losing customers.