Reading between the lines of press releases

Joho the Blog points us to Peter Kaminski’s brilliant analysis of the Cometa WiFi announcement:

To me it looks even simpler than that, a couple guys trying to make a small deal look big. Why else would they call Intel Capital “Intel”, and IBM Global Services “IBM”? Why are there no quotes from ATT, Intel and IBM in the release? Why don’t they post the size of the deal, instead of the scope of their goals? Why is their entire physical contact info “866-266-3823”? Why is Steve Harris, VP Corporate Affairs, listed as the sole press contact on the copy of the release on Etc.

Dead on. Clearly the reporters who reported this press release didn’t understand it.
I think this is a potentially exciting announcement, but clearly there are big issues with WiFi networks that remain to be resolved and this new joint venture announcement has failed to resolve them.

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