Content management systems are not good at managing content

Jupiter Research says “more than 60 percent of companies that have deployed Web content management solutions still find themselves manually updating their sites.

This research confirms a study by the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture that found most users’ experience with content management software was unhappy.

Other findings:

  • “Overcomplicated, end-to-end packages can as much as quintuple site operational costs over human labor alternatives.”
  • Most companies felt they overspent on content management platforms.
  • Two thirds said they still rely on manual processes to update their Web sites.
  • Nearly half felt their deployment “barely scratched the surface of the functionality they originally licensed.”
  • Only a quarter planned to continue using their Web content management systems as they do now.
  • One quarter (27 percent) said they had so many problems they would build another system from scratch.

One media company spent over a year and $250,000 working its content management package into its site production process. “The company recently realized that its content had little structure to speak of, and that because it had not made a strict separation between content and presentation, the company’s broader needs for reusing content elsewhere were effectively blocked.”

One surprising conclusion: “(o)rganizations should not look to content management systems to publish pages.”

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