Ever get the feeling you're living in Blade Runner?

The first time I saw a building wrapped in an ad (in Los Angeles), I had a sense that I was an extra in Blade Runner. According the one company who does this, it’s “an unusual and interruptive way to reach people.” Yes, interruptive.

Of course, everyone is talking about the company that wants to put their ad on your forehead. It’s perfect. The guy who gets paid doesn’t have to look at the damn thing. The firm that came up with the idea, Cunning Stunts, gets a perfect 10 for their own name. It’s not a hoax, exactly. It’s even better. All they have to do is issue the press release and everyone is talking about them: “Cunning Stunts, Cunning Stunts…”

One thought on “Ever get the feeling you're living in Blade Runner?

  1. Did you know that cunning stunts was originally a feminist theatre group in the UK, in the 70s-80s? It’s a good name alright. Now we want to see the Pheasant Pluckers association make it big.

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