The censor upstream

A Canadian site ,, had to remove content deemed offensive (a photo of an American POW and a photo of a dead Iraqi child) by the company that provides Internet access to their host. [Thanks, Politechbot]

The upstream provider, Level 3 Communications [Hoover’s capsule] of Broomfield Colorado, is a multi-billion-dollar company.

Our communication infrastructure should not be in the hands of a few huge companies who can take the content or nature of our communication into account when deciding what to charge or even whether to allow us to use the Net.

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  1. The Impact of Centralized Control over e2e Networks
    I see stories such as these, “MediaSavvy: The censor upstream” and I cringe. As long as the “core” of internet infrastructure remains in the hands of the few instead of being as distributed as possible, as was intended, then the internet community will…

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