Flash continues to junk up the Web

I’m working on a project that involves using more corporate Web sites than I would if I weren’t getting paid to do it.

I am stunned by how many of these sites are using Flash for navigation and information and how badly this stuff works with all three of my Mac browsers (Camino, Safari, and Internet Explorer).

It’s sad how much they must have paid for these ugly, broken sites they present to the world.

One of the less-celebrated aspects of the blog phenomenon is how much activity there is in using CSS and simple, standard HTML to create fast, elegant sites that work really well. I’ve got a folder full of beautiful sites that I plan to steal ideas from for my next redesign.

Flash on a Web site is beginning to feel more and more like tailfins on a car.

One thought on “Flash continues to junk up the Web

  1. Hi Barry,
    I came across your blog while I was searching for information about broadband on Askjeeves.
    The layout of your website immediately caught my eye as very recently I was introduced to the possibilities and neatness of MovableType by a good friend of mine.
    Speaking of flash junking up the web, I couldn’t agree more. And like you said, when we see big companies and corporates shelling out big bucks for these non-user-friendly exercises, one really begins to wonder what went wrong where!
    In my opinion (being a web and graphic designer myself), flash is good as long as it doesn’t interfere with navigation and as long as it indulges in pictures, audio and their movement without being too distracting. Inline flash ads are in my opinion a good development as they let you explore a product in the same page and on demand without repeating itself infinitely like most GIF animated ads do.
    Amazing things can be done with well formatted HTML and CSS. Editing such content also tends to be easier.

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