Zeldman on Winer on CSS

I love Dave Winer’s site and I believe he’s major force for good and progress on the Web, but Jeffrey Zeldman is right, Dave’s sniping at cascading style sheets is baffling and unhelpful:

In his latest anti-CSS mini-rant, published this morning, Mr Winer gripes about being locked in a trunk with people who want to smear ketchup on his tie. We have no idea what that means or why Mr Winer, who is first and foremost a programmer, has such trouble grasping the benefits of a lean, cache-able, standardized visual formatting language for the web.

Dave’s tremendously influential and Userland is one of the largest distributors of Web site templates. He also rails against what he (appropriately) calls “stop energy“. He’s a big generator of stop energy when it comes to CSS

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