Republicans team up with DMA to protect corporate spam

Undoubtedly corrupt Republican congressman Billy Tauzin is representing the Direct Marketing Association, and not the citizens of Louisiana, with his new “anti” “spam” bill.

According to participants in at least three meetings in recent weeks, e-mail marketers prevailed in adding provisions that would supersede tougher state anti-spam laws, would prohibit consumers from suing spammers and would give companies the right to send e-mail to anyone who has done business with them in the past three years.

“If I thought that everything that was legal under this bill would end up in my mailbox, I’d jump off the Capitol building,”

The bill would also require citizens opt out of mailing lists individually.

The so-called federalists are all for devolving power to the states when it decreases the rights and protection of citizens, but when states attempt to limit the rights of the corporations who employ them or happen to have them in a database, the ninth and tenth amendments must be preempted.

Also, why is it that the Republicans invoke the first amendment only to protect corporate political contributions, media consolidation, and advertising?

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