Cleaned your stylesheets lately?

I spent some time today cleaning up my stylesheets on a big site I’m working on. I was stunned by how messy they were. I was able to reduce the size of my main stylesheet by 20%. Not only that, but this top-down review showed me a lot of structural problems that had accumulated over the months: styles that didn’t cascade properly, orphaned styles, redundant specifications, and even a couple of missing styles.

The result is that I’ve managed to resolve a few formating quirks that were due to stylesheet problems, improve the consistency of my site, and improve its performance.

One thought on “Cleaned your stylesheets lately?

  1. CSS spring cleaning?
    Barry Parr brings up a very good idea, revisiting and cleaning up your style sheets. I’ve been working on a big project, and as it grew during the development cycle I took a week to clean up and refactor the sheets so that, say, stats pages weren…

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