is spamming me…using Edmunds' name

Yesterday, I wrote that I received an obvious spam comment, apparently from Today, I was able to analyze my log files, and the results are explosive.

At the date and time that message 364 was spammed, that message was accessed by a Java program from IP address According to the following IP Address lookup, this address belongs to, a competitor to Edmunds. also spammed my site on 3/10. Finally, I was spammed via email, apparently by one of their affiliates using a forged return address, eight times in November and December of 2003.

Edmunds general counsel posted a prompt reply to my posting yesterday evening, denying they had anything to do with it. Now that we know who is responsible, I encourage him to take it up with

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  1. Mainstream Spamming
    MediaSavvy’s Barry Parr posts that he’s been spammed by in his comments, apparently multiple times. In fact, that spammer posted a link to Edmunds, who happens to compete with Now I’ve seen spam FOR mainstream products so…

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