Has Facebook creeped you out yet?

I got my first taste of Facebook’s new Beacon advertising system this weekend. I’m still trying to get that taste out of my mouth.
I bought some tickets to a movie on Fandango and got a weird little popup on the bottom of the screen telling me that the details of my transaction were waiting on the lauchpad to be shot over to all my friends and (let’s face it) marginal acquaintances on Facebook. It was up to me to tell them not to share this particular detail of my life. What was the the movie? None of your business.
My next stop was Facebook, where I signed the online petition asking them, essentially, “What could you possibly be thinking, anyway, Facebook?”.
Beacon is a very cool idea in many respects. I know many people who would love for you and I to know all of the cool stuff they’re buying. I can’t wait to find out.
Originally published on my blog at JupiterResearch.