'Without Advertising, We Will Damage This Country'

According to Turner president (and thus an AOL/TW exec) Jamie Kellner:

“I’m not against PVRs [personal video recorders, i.e. “Tivo”], I’ve used it (sic) myself. But, the business cannot exist as its current model is today unless consumers are willing to give time for you [marketers]. I believe advertising has driven this country. Without advertising, we will damage this country.”

Two things leap out from this:
First, Mr. Kellner believes that once a “business model’ has been created, it shouldn’t be threatened. Perhaps it should be protected by law, especially if disturbing it might damage the nation in this time of war.
Second, he believes that the nation depends on advertising for its well-being. That beggars belief. It’s reminiscent of the current mindset in Washington that the best way to deliver health information to Americans is to rely on drug company (and packaged goods) advertising to do it.