Why are Canadians so much more likely to use broadband?

54% of online Canadians are using broadband, versus 34% of US citizens who are online, according to comScore Media Metrix Canada. From CyberAltas:

“With more than half of our online population using broadband, it’s clear that Canadians are hooked on speed,” noted Brent Lowe-Bernie, president of comScore Media Metrix Canada. “The cable and telephone infrastructure in this country has allowed broadband service to flourish, and Canadian activity within the Digital Media landscape has responded accordingly.”

This raises more questions than it answers about a staggering gap between two nations with so few cultural differences. Why are Canadian Internet users 59% more likely to have a broadband account? How much has to do with the percentage of Canadian homes that can have broadband connections, price, marketing differences, regulatory policies?

In other words, what can the US learn from Canada about how to increase our use of broadband Internet connections?

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