Recommendation: I'm very happy with Dreamhost

I’m approaching my second anniversary of hosting my sites (including MediaSavvy and at Dreamhost. I bounced from host to host for seven unhappy years until I landed at Dreamhost. They had the right combination of products and services. I can recommend them without reservation.

They’re a small company, but their uptime has been excellent.

Dreamhost’s control panel works really well and does everything I need to manage my account.

They supply all the software support I need (Perl, PHP, cgi, MySQL, and more). I’ve been able to install and use all kinds of CMS and other software on my Dreamhost account without any problems.

Their customer service and tech support have been outstanding.

They’re prices are great. They have surprised me a couple of times by increasing and improving the services I get for what I pay.
Their packaging is simple and I don’t feel like I have to buy any more service than I need to do what I want to do.

Disclaimer and invitation: If you use the link above or the one on my navigation bar to sign up, I get credit against my Dreamhost bill.

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