I'm now blacklisting comment spammers

After spending too much time an energy dealing with posting spam, I finally installed MT-Blacklist. I’ve been concerned that it wasn’t going to be effective, but it was becoming clear that the vast majority of the spam in my comments was coming from just a couple of scumbags and that a blacklist was probably the right approach.

Comment spam has become such a nuisance that every time I open my mailbox I could feel the tension and anger rising.

While I don’t have enough experience to say how well it works, it did manage the few test messages I threw at it. It is really well-designed and easy to install and set up. It also allows me to avoid inconveniencing my users by requiring registrations for comments or closing comments after a certain period of time. Finally, it avoids the more radical and time-consuming solution of switching my site from Movable Type.

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