At-work users are valuable and elusive

Both comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings announced daypart media planning tools yesterday. However, the dayparts themselves are still a subject of debate.

Meanwhile, Forbes is promoting a survey of 11,000 executives and senior managers that says the Web is an excellent tool for reaching C-Level executives (these are not executives who earned a gentleman’s C at Yale and then attended Harvard Business School):

management-level workers actively use the Web in the early part of the day, with nearly half (46 percent) going online before leaving for work. In comparison, 38 percent said they read a newspaper before work. Of so-called “C-level” executives (CEOs, CIO, CFOs, etc.), the numbers were even greater, with 53 percent going online before work and 41 percent turning to the paper.

In even better news for advertisers, executives are surprisingly willing to engage online advertising: nearly half of respondents (47 percent) said they click on advertising of interest. E-mail marketing fared less well, with 26 percent saying they read work-related promotional e-mails.

This recognition of daytime Web users as an audience that is valuable and hard to reach is long overdue — if we can only figure out how to count them.

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