The future of journalism apparently doesn't include Mac and Linux

Cyberjournalist has a link to a 3D map of Iraq, saying;

Online journalist Ernst Poulsen points out an interesting 3D map of Iraq on The Jutland-Post’s Web site, which highlights a few basic things like oil-fields, cities and military forces. “In a few years time, 3D maps like this could help journalists explain stories about military tactics and the layout of the country,” he says. [3/19]

I went there to see if this site would dispel my natural suspicion of 3-D maps, which doesn’t seem like an inherently useful concept to me. But the link took me to the home page of something called TurnTool, which says

TurnTool Viewer Not Installed

Your browser either failed to install the TurnTool Viewer or does not support ActiveX content at all. To install the Viewer download and run ViewerInstall.exe.

Supported platforms:

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, ME, 2000 and XP with Internet Explorer 4 or greater.

Apple Macintosh & Linux systems are currently not supported.

I will never understand why journalistic organizations continue to tie their future to Microsoft’s domination of the Internet.

Besides, does anyone still use ActiveX? Microsoft’s Activex web site has hardly been updated since 1999.

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