More pressure on the broadband access duopolies

The AeA (what you probably know as the American Electronics Association) says that broadband growth is slowing:

“Now, the limiting factor [to the growth of broadband] is access and price,” said William T. Archey, president of AeA, which was formerly known as the American Electronics Association. Only half of people living in rural areas have access to high-speed Internet service, and many others don’t want to pay $50 a month for it, he said.

The pressure on the broadband access duopolies to increase access and lower prices is growing. They’re not exactly a friend of the citizen, but the AeA should provide a political counterweight to the duopolies and make it clearer to everyone that they’re holding back the economy with their current approach to broadband access. [Thanks Poynter E-media Tidbits]

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