I've moved to Chrome on the Mac

Although Chrome’s the best browser for Windows, I’ve favored Safari over Chrome on the Mac until a couple of weeks ago. Safari looks better and and is easier to use, in my opinion. But Chrome now works better.
I thought I was the only person experiencing the spinning beach ball when leaving lots of tabs and web apps open. I switched to Chrome on the Mac a couple of weeks ago, and there’s no question it performs far better for this purpose.
Tim Bray [via Gruber] notes the same solution:

In recent releases, Safari has been re-architected, with some of the work farmed out to a thing called “WebProcess”. This doesn’t seem to be working out that well. Specifically, I note that:
To be fair, part of the problem is the proliferation of Web apps that are extremely heavyweight in terms of the amount of JavaScript code sloshing around in the background. A notable example is Google+. Even sprucing up this blog’s typography has involved quite a bit of industrial-strength JavaScript. But that just seems to be what a modern Web browser has to suck it up and deal with.